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Physio & Fitness Centre

At Humansa, we champion a sophisticated and personalised methodology that recognises the unique needs of each client. Understanding that while generic approaches may work for some, a customised programme which pairs innovative training services with physio is essential in achieving optimal results.

Humansa Physiotherapy & Personal Training Centre

Integrating physiotherapy and personal training, Humansa provides a tailored solution for individuals seeking to reach their health and wellness goals. By assessing individual physical conditions and developing a personalised plan, our team of experts are able to enhance physical performance, prevent injuries and optimise hard work to yield the best outcome.

Joint & Motivated Approach by Professionals

Our Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers collaborate closely to guide and motivate clients to achieve goals in a safe and efficient way.

The joint and motivated approach brings the benefits of physio injury reduction, targeted exercises, and enhanced sports performance to the gym, while also introducing integrated medical and dietetic advice.

Curated Selection of Equipment for Rehabilitation & Fitness

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, we provide rehabilitation and fitness in a shared space. Medically-certified equipment, dynamic training and rehabilitation equipment are available to cater to isolated areas of concern and fitness as a whole.

Top-notch Physiotherapists & Personal Trainers

Formed with a world class Physio team and a professional Personal Training team, Humansa provides extensive rehabilitation and training services to clients and athletes.

The physio team is experienced in supporting various large-scale sporting events such as Olympic Games, Asian Games, East Asian Games, Davis Cup, Rugby Sevens and more., providing effective rehabilitation for injury prevention and recovery.

The personal training team has multiple qualifications and accolades in areas such as personal training, CrossFit, TRX, sports massage, boxing and more. Their know-how and instructions have proven a transformative and fulfilling experience working with clients of all athletic abilities.

Convenient Location & Private Facilities

Located in Central and Victoria Dockside (Tsim Sha Tsui), Humansa Physio & Fitness Centre is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Treasuring the clients’ privacy, individual treatment rooms are available at both locations, offering a comfortable and personal rehabilitation experience.

Physiotherapy Services

Humansa’s physiotherapy begins with assessing each client’s unique physical conditions before developing a customised plan. The team prides on providing hands-on and attentive care, ensuring clients are fully supported every step of the way on their health and wellness journey. By providing a results-focused approach, we are able to enhance overall physical performance, returning bodies to their highest level of function and performance.

Humansa Physiotherapy Services

Manual Therapy

Sports Massage

Exercise Prescription

Clinical Acupuncture

Dry Needling

Gait Analysis

Shockwave Therapy

Clinical Pilates


Stretch Therapy

Fitness Services

Humansa’s fitness services are fully customised to each individual’s unique needs and goals, providing a tailored approach to achieving optimal results. Beginning with a comprehensive baseline assessment, we track progress over time, providing valuable insights into areas that require more attention and helping clients avoid potential injuries.
To ensure all clients are given the room and attention they require, our space and sessions are strictly open by appointment only.

Joint & Motivated Programs

Our programmes offer complete and integrated fitness solutions through multi-disciplinary care. Clients are supported by our on-site physiotherapists as well as complementary practices to achieve their goals.

Runners’ Booster Program

Fit-Start Program

Focusing on running performance and injury prevention, services are provided by physiotherapists, stretch therapists and dietitians.

Focusing on body posture and range of movement, services are provided by physiotherapists and personal trainers.

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The above information is for reference only and shall not be considered as medical advice. Please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider for further enquiries.