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Future Health Program Assessment


Key Objectives

• Detection of abnormal blood pressure and heart rate
• Blood testing for risk factors for cardiovascular disease


Blood Pressure & Heart Rate

Laboratory Analysis

• Apolipoprotein B
• Lipoprotein (a)
• Homocysteine
• Cholesterol Total
• Cholesterol HDL
• Cholesterol LDL Direct
• Cholesterol VLDL
• Triglycerides

Physical Activity

Key Objectives

• Posture analysis by Physiotherapist
• Measurement by Personal Trainer
• Aerobic fitness level measurement by Personal Trainer


Visbody – Postural Alignment

Strength and Stability Assessment

VO2 Max Test

DEXA – Body Composition


Key Objectives

• Blood testing for chronic inflammation, diabetes screening, renal functions, liver functions and thyroid functions
• Identify the biological age
• Visceral and subcutaneous fat measurement
• Detection of fatty liver


Laboratory Analysis

• Complete Blood Count
• Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate
• C-Reactive Protein
• Uric Acid
• Urea
• Creatinine
• Estimated Glomerular
• Filtration Rate
• Sodium
• Potassium
• Calcium
• Aspartate Transaminase
• Alanine Transaminase
• Alkaline Phosphatase
• Total Bilirubin
• Gamma GT
• Total Protein
• Albumin, Globulin & AG Ratio
• T3
• T4
• Fasting Glucose
• HbA1c

Biological age

Body composition scan

Liver ultrasound


Key Objectives

• Detection of Alzhelmer’s Disease


RetinAD AI


Key Objectives

• Evaluation of Nutritional Status by Dietitian


Nutrition Assessment

Optional Tests

Dependent on needs of individual, Humansa has other assessments that can be added on.

Options include:
Mineral and Heavy Metal Test
• Identification of key mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicity

Full Body MRI
• Identification of malignancies, inflammation, and obstructive growths

Low-dose CT Lung Screening
• Early detection of lung cancer

• Early detection of upper digestive system cancer (Recommended for clients over 45 years old)

• Early detection of colorectal cancer (Recommended for clients over 45 years old)

• Early detection of breast cancer (Recommended for women aged over 40 years old)

• Detection of abnormal heart rate and rhythm

Coronary Anglogram
• Visualise coronary arteries via X-Ray for detection of abnormalities

APOE Genotype Test
• Detection of genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease

Other Biohacking Tests
Identify the following:
• Telomeres for DNA markers
• NAD + Assay report testing
• GMDAI – Mental wellbeing and mental problems
• Antistrea – Adrenal stress testing
• Cardiology
• Taivia – Liver, Women menopause
• Dexla – Immunity, Anti-aging

Humansa Future Health Program Overview

Starts From Lifespan to Healthspan Focus

Humansa Approach of Future Health Program