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General Medical Practice & Clinical Services

Leading a hectic lifestyle can inadvertently lead to overlooking an individual’s physical well-being and increasing vulnerability to illnesses. Hustling for bread and butter, prioritizing health management and promptly addressing illnesses remains essential.

Your Well-rounded Health Management

Our general practice and clinical services encompass an array of healthcare solutions that involve diagnostic tests, therapeutic interventions, physical evaluations, and individualized management plans to cater to your unique health requirements. Our goal is to thoroughly comprehend your health concerns and deliver comprehensive care that prioritizes personalized attention.

Both general practitioners and specialists in family medicine possess the ability to comprehend a client’s medical history and their existing physical state accurately, conducting clinical examinations if required to confirm symptoms or diagnose ailments. Regardless of whether it is an acute disease like cold, flu or gastroenteritis, or chronic illnesses such as hypertension or diabetes, our team provides personalized health advice along with relevant remedial measures. Referrals can be made when necessary towards an appropriate multidisciplinary team/specialist(s) for suitable treatment options tailored towards your specific healthcare requirements.

Humansa General Medical Practice & Clinical Services

Humansa offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services through our General Practice & Clinical Services team. With a diverse group of general practitioners, specialists in family medicine, nurses, and skilled healthcare professionals, we offer comprehensive healthcare services to address all of your health requirements and well-being efficiently.

Our service scope includes: 

  • Health check
  • Medical consultation, general medical practice & clinical services
  • Treatment of acute and episodic diseases (cold, flu, upper respiratory infections, gastrointestinal discomfort or gastroenteritis and so on)
  • Treatment & management of chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, asthama and so on)
  • Administration of medication injections & wound care services
  • Vaccination
  • Travel Health
  • Treatment and management of wounds
  • Referral to specialists

FAQs of Humansa General Medical Practice & Clinical Services

If I am experiencing any discomfort, would it be advisable to seek the care of a specialist right away?

General medical practice & clinical services could be categorized as the touchpoint to the healthcare system, offering an extensive and individualized approach to diagnostic testing. This strategy takes into account various factors like your overall health condition, symptoms, medical background, and lifestyle habits in order to pinpoint the underlying cause of your illness. Additionally, if necessary, treatment alternatives are suggested alongside expert advice or referrals for specialized care. 

In contrast, medical specialties place greater emphasis on diagnosing and treating specific areas of the body or related ailments rather than providing comprehensive medical care like general medical practice & clinical services often do. This narrower focus may result in overlooking other symptoms or falling short of achieving well-rounded health management goals.

If I am not experiencing any noticeable symptoms or discomfort, but still desire health advice, can I access relevant services through general medical practice and clinical care?

In addition to offering treatment for both acute and chronic illnesses, general medical practice and clinical services also offer health consultations for individuals requiring assistance. By gaining comprehensive insight into the health requirements and issues of our clients, our general practitioners will administer suitable health checks, devise personalized fitness plans, administer vaccinations, and provide travel health recommendations with the aim of effectively managing your overall well-being.

The above information is for reference only and shall not be considered as medical advice. Please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider for further enquiries.