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Services in Other Cities of Greater Bay Area

Humansa has nearly 40 centers in the Greater Bay Area. In addition to its outlets in Hong Kong, it has opened more than 20 health centers in other Greater Bay Area cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Foshan. These centers are managed by Humansa | Noah Health Care, the core operating platform of Humansa in the Greater Bay Area. Bringing together multi-disciplinary doctors and top-tier medical chain services, Humansa | Noah Health Care is committed to establishing a one-stop family healthcare system to provide comprehensive medical protection for families in need of quality medical services throughout their lives.

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New World Centre | Pediatrics

Baoan Centre | Pediatrics, Dental

LeQi Centre | Pediatrics, Dental, Physiotherapy

NanShan Centre | Pediatrics, Dental

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MaChang Centre | Pediatrics, Physiotherapy

West Tiyu Centre | Pediatrics, Eye, Dental, Dermatology

LiJing Centre | Pediatrics, Dental

LieDe Centre | Endoscopy, Health check

YouShang Centre | Dental

Haizhu Centre (Temporarily Closed)

Panyu Wanbo Centre| Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dental

Family Dental Centre | Dental

Eye Centre | Eye

Dermatology Centre | Dermatology

Child Rehabilitation Centre | Pediatrics, E.N.T, Psychology

Day Surgery Centre

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FoShan Centre | Dental, Pediatrics, Dermatology

Donguan Houzhong Centre | Pediatrics, Dental, Chinese Medicine

Zhuhai Centre | Pediatrics

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