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In addition to regular health check-ups and assessments, vaccination is an effective way to prevent diseases.

What is Vaccination?

Vaccination is an effective way to prevent and control infectious diseases by boosting the immune system to produce antibodies. Vaccination builds resistance to specific infections and strengthens the immune system. When exposed to the pathogen, the immune response is rapidly generated, reducing the incidence of infection, serious illness and death. Vaccinations are currently administered in three different ways: by injection, nasal spray or orally.

Protect Yourself and Others by Vaccinations

Through vaccination, the immunity of individuals and groups can build a natural barrier to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the community, thereby controlling the spread of infectious diseases, protecting the lives of people and promoting community health.

Vaccination of specific individuals who are not suitable for vaccination due to their physical condition, such as infants, people with specific drug allergies, and people with chronic or serious illnesses, can help control the spread of disease and indirectly reduce the risk of infection for these specific individuals.

Is Vaccination safe?

Vaccination is now well established and safe. Any licensed vaccine must undergo several rigorous testing phases and be evaluated periodically after adoption to improve the quality of the vaccine and to identify potential health risks at an early stage.

Are there side effects from Vaccines?

In general, some people may experience temporary side effects after the injection such as redness, swelling, fever, or arm pain at the injection site, but mild reactions will usually be resolved within a few days. Some people may experience more severe reactions but comparatively rare. 

If you have any doubts about your health condition, you can undergo a medical examination prior to vaccination and your doctor will assess the risk of vaccination and choose the right vaccine based on the results.

Humansa Provides a Wide Range of Vaccinations

Humansa offers a wide range of vaccinations to meet the needs of different people. Vaccines provided by Humansa include HPV vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine, influenza vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine, providing protection to people of all ages.

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The above information is for reference only and shall not be considered as medical advice. Please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider for further enquiries.