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The Humansa International Advisory Board:
A Unique Global Longevity Resource

The Humansa International Advisory Board (HIAB) has been formed to bring together the brightest minds in the fields of longevity and business, with the goal of reimagining health and wellness for our customers. With the approaching year of 2030, there is an increasingly strong interest in the key elements that are essential for living a better and longer life. Society is undergoing a transformative shift in its perception of medicine, with a renewed emphasis on healthspan, which encompasses our physical and cognitive well-being, as well as lifespan, which refers to how long we live. The HIAB members will share their insightful perspectives and thinking for longevity ,the future health and wellbeing of society and to further develop the future of Humansa’s truly consumer-centric health platform in Asia.

  • How well we live is now being charted by preventive healthcare and lifestyle choices which in turn can prolong healthspan instead of just lifespan.
  • Increasingly five core themes are recognised as pivotal to healthspan: nutrition, exercise, sleep, emotional health and exogenous molecules (medications, supplements and hormones).
  • With the formation of our HIAB, Humansa hopes to bring global health, products and services, thinking and advancement to every aspect of human longevity across the Greater Bay Area and internationally.
  • Humansa’s purpose is for consumers to be able to take complete control of their health and wellness and unlock their true potential to lead meaningful, productive and fulfilling lives.
  • Our Board is composed of the world’s leading experts in Longevity, Preventive Medicine, Precision Health, Wellness, Health and Business. Today we are introducing the Founding IAB members and we expect to be announcing new Board members over 2024.

Primary HIAB Objectives

  • Pioneering Insights and Research for Lifelong Well-Being
    At Humansa, we are committed to being a leading hub of innovative thinking, generating invaluable insights and research specifically focused on Longevity. By envisioning Human Health with preventive care and precision health while fostering interaction in Wellness, we will drive change across societies and communities with a collective vision to create a healthier world spanning the entire spectrum of human well-being, encouraging the world to rethink the possibilities of longer and healthier lives.

  • Strategic Collaborations for a Healthier Future
    Humansa actively seeks strategic partnerships with businesses that share our vision for Human Health and Wellness. Through these collaborative ventures, we aim to identify and drive powerful initiatives that significantly impact progress and engagement, propelling us towards new frontiers in well-being, particularly in the areas of Preventive Care and Longevity.

  • Global Centre of Excellence
    While this marks the initial stage of Humansa IAB, our goal is for the Board to become a centre of excellence, a pioneer in advancement and an advocate for every aspect of Human Longevity, ultimately helping the world rethink the possibilities of a longer and healthier life.

HIAB Membership

Gunter 20240306-1

Professor Gunter Festel, Founder & Chairman,
Swiss Institute of Longevity

Professor Festel is the Founder and Chairman of the non-profit organization Swiss Institute of Longevity, responsible for promoting early-stage start-up activities in longevity based on research projects and bringing research results to the market. He is the author of more than 300 publications covering the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology and innovation management. Gunter is also the Founder of investment firm Festel Capital, which invests in research projects of universities and research institutions.

“I have established a consistent presence in authoritative, peer-reviewed scientific journals across natural and social sciences, where I contribute my expertise in longevity and life sciences. I am now honored to share my insights in these critical fields with Humansa, with the aim to ultimately playing a key role in aligning their business strategies with innovative advancements in health and technology.”


Dr. Sanja Tomovska, Founder & CEO,
Quant Biomarkers, Swiss Longevity technology company

Dr. Tomovska is a life sciences executive and medical scientist with a strong background in developing medicines and diagnostics at top pharmaceutical companies like Roche, Novartis, and Abbott. She chairs the Swiss chapter of the Virtual Advisory Board, comprising 500 global executive-level board advisors network from over 45 countries, a spinoff of the global YPO prestigious entrepreneurs’ organization. Dr. Tomovska’s expertise spans academic & clinical technology research, including work at the University Hospital in Basel and the Friedrich Miescher Institute of Science. She holds a technology patent for cancer diagnostics innovation and serves on the board of Rambam – Expert Systems technology, a US Venture fund focusing on biotech venture funding of innovative medicines. Additionally, she is the founder and CEO of Quant Biomarkers AG, a longevity technology company specializing in early risk detection and prediction of chronic diseases for personalized health interventions in functional medicine.

“Serving as a board member also in a non-profit organizations and as an entrepreneur for precision and preventive health innovations, I have a holistic understanding of the healthcare value chain, its challenges, and opportunities for advancement. My passion lies in reimagining healthcare, creating new products, and solutions for proactive care to enhance quality of life. I am dedicated to supporting Humansa’s leadership in driving impact and growth, fostering innovation, and catalyzing positive transformations for improved lifespan, health, and well-being for all. Health is Wealth for everyone, this is what we all own.”

Denise Lo_revised 20240305

Dr. Denise Lo Fung, Strategic Development Advisor, Tiffany & Co.

Dr. Lo Fung is currently the Strategic Development Advisor at Tiffany & Co., and with a background as a litigation lawyer in intellectual property, she previously served as an advisor to the Zone President for international fashion house Louis Vuitton North Asia. Her extensive experience encompasses advising senior executives and providing strategic guidance to leading luxury brands including Christian Dior Couture, Chanel and more. Dr. Lo Fung has established a proven track record in business development, marketing, and client development in the luxury retail industry for over two decades.

“Drawing on my extensive experience in identifying consumer needs and driving business growth across multiple industries, I am enthused to contribute my strategic skills and market expertise to Humansa. My aim is to ensure the pursuit of commercially viable health solutions that strike an optimal balance of scientific merit and business success.”

Angel Chia_temp

Angel Chia, Executive Director,
Hong Kong Academy for Wealth Legacy

Ms. Chia is the newly appointed Executive Director for Hong Kong Academy for Wealth Legacy, with the mission to foster collaboration, networking, knowledge sharing, and talent development across the family office ecosystem, from Hong Kong to the global network. Ms. Chia previously served as Chair of the Family Office Association of Hong Kong. She brings more than 20 years’ experience in financial services and asset management at firms including SinoAm Capital and Fountainhead Partners. Ms. Chia successfully launched new ventures and overseen robust growth at companies across Asia such as Shenwan Hongyuan and Sing Alliance, before founding her own business, NextGenerator, a family office accelerator.

“My experience scaling ventures across the region and the extensive network I have cultivated over decades have made me well-versed in key strategies to navigate diverse stakeholders and distinct client needs to introduce impactful solutions on an international scale. I look forward to leveraging my expertise and insights to contribute to the business growth of Humansa and explore the exciting potential of expanding their footprint into other markets.”