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Humansa is named “Outstanding Health and Wellness Lifestyle Brand”

Humansa is named “Outstanding Health and Wellness Lifestyle Brand” in the Health Partnership Awards 2023 hosted by ET Net. This award aims to recognize companies and organizations that have made positive contributions to enhancing the public’s understanding of health management in the past year.
As healthcare evolves to not only attending to physical health, but also to overall wellbeing and a peace of mind, the diversity of the development of the healthcare industry will be a huge focus in the future. The growing wellness industry caters to the increasingly health-conscious community with outstanding services and technology. Humansa leads the way in redefining preventive healthcare and wellness with customers’ needs at the center of everything we do. The unique approach at Humansa is reinforced by innovative professionals, advanced technology and multi-disciplinary expertise, enabling customers to reimagine an advanced healthcare experience that gives them complete control of their own health across every stage in life.