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Music Therapy - Pre & Post-natal Services

Music therapy is a practice that integrates the principles of music and psychology in a strategic, tailored, and empirically grounded manner. This therapeutic approach employs music components to facilitate clients’ attainment of their therapeutic objectives. 

It’s essential to have a certified or registered music therapist who evaluates and devises an individualized treatment strategy for each participant throughout the course of therapy.

Goals of Pre & Post-natal Music Therapy

  • Comprehend the connection between the mother-to-be and her own mother, and how this connection influences both the well-being of the mother-to-be as well as that of her child (Studies suggest that the family of origin plays a crucial role in shaping the dynamic between parent and offspring)
  • Encourage mother-infant bonding through singing

Why Do You Need Pre & Post-natal Music Therapy?

  • The well-being of the infant’s development and one’s marital connection is significantly influenced by the emotional state of the mother. It is advisable to take preventive measures rather than cure, hence overlooking a person’s mental health should not be an option
  • Pregnancy and postpartum periods bring about hormonal fluctuations and physical transformations in women, yet they tend to prioritize their infants over themselves, resulting in self-neglect.
  • Studies conducted by the Family Health Service of Department of Health suggest that: 
    – Depressive symptoms are encountered by a significant percentage of women after giving birth, with the estimated rate ranging from 40% to 80%. The signs typically include emotional fluctuations, excessive tearfulness, insomnia and heightened irritability. These symptoms generally manifest within three to five days after childbirth but tend to be mild in intensity and often self-resolving over time.
    – Approximately, 13% to 19% of new mothers are susceptible to experiencing postpartum depression*.

Can Fathers Get Involved in Pre & Post-natal Music Therapy?

Pre & post-natal music therapy can provide diverse advantages for mother-to-be, new mothers, fathers as well as infants throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Apart from mothers, expecting father figures may also participate in music therapy sessions along with their unborn child to sense delight through tunes.

Fetal hearing develops gradually during the third trimester (29-40 weeks) and becomes fully formed at birth. Newborns participating in music therapy with their parents can strengthen their bond with them through melodies and rhythms.

What are the Impacts of Pre & Post-natal Music Therapy?

Pre & postnatal music therapy can provide numerous favorable outcomes for individuals such as:

  • Establish a relationship between parents-to-be and the fetus during pregnancy
  • Lessen stress levels in both pre- and post-natal phases for mother-to-be
  • Contribute to nurturing bonding relationships between newborns and their parents

Frequency and duration of Pre & Post-natal Music Therapy

The timetable and details of pre & post-natal music therapy are outlined below:



Prenatal Music Therapy

The final session should be finished within the 30th week of pregnancy
(Expectant mothers with sizable abdomens might encounter mobility issues and are advised to take more rest)

4 sessions, 6 hours in total

After the 18th week of pregnancy
(The hearing of the infant are progressing)

Post-natal Music Therapy

After giving birth

Based on needs

Flow of Pre & Post-natal Music Therapy

30-mins consultation
– Comprehend the client’s history and motive for seeking music therapy.
– Recommend a suitable music therapy plan encompassing no. of sessions and duration of treatment.

Pre & post-natal music therapy
– Prenatal music therapy: Mothers who opt for a natural childbirth can benefit from five personalized musical compilations that aid in alleviating pain throughout the various phases of labor.
– Post-natal music therapy: Composing lullabies for babies (also available at prenatal period).

Humansa Pre & Post-natal Music Therapy

Music therapy can cater to individuals of all ages and abilities, irrespective of their musical skills, cultural or educational backgrounds. Humansa’s pre & post-natal music therapy are led by experienced and registered music therapists who provide services to mother-to-be, new mothers, fathers as well as infants with different needs and tailor-made music therapy programs.

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