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Our Approach

At Humansa, physiotherapy is a hands-on, tailored programme for each individual. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ stories and needs, ensuring optimal results and returning bodies to their highest level of function and performance. Through dedicated, one-on-one sessions, our goal is to identify underlying causes of movement concerns. We use a holistic model to help clients understand their bodies and take control of their recovery. An evidence-based approach guides our practice, with focus on manual therapy and exercise, along with other modalities.

Our Services

Hands-on Therapy

For tense and injured areas, our physiotherapists use a hands-on approach to manipulate and mobilise joints and soft tissue to improve mobility and aid relaxation.

Prescribed Exercise

In support of the main physiotherapy session, our therapists prescribe strengthening exercises to help with optimal return to full range of motion.

Dry Needling

This technique involves applying fine needles directly at trigger points, targeting a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Shockwave Therapy

Delivering high-energy waves to the tissue via the surface of the skin, this modality promotes blood circulation and triggers the formation of new blood cells as well as cell regeneration. This mode of therapy is particularly aimed at chronic pain, and can promote better metabolism and self-healing.


An all-rounded functional assessment tool and training apparatus that is used to support an integrated physical rehabilitation programme, as well as safely determine and improve coordination, flexibility, mobility, functional strength and stability, posture, balance and endurance level.

Gait Analysis

A full static evaluation of the body, followed by video gait analysis, helps runners observe their own dynamic movement, posture, mobility, and control. Receive feedback with a targeted exercise regimen that improves your running by tackling biomechanical issues, imbalances and overall technique.

Clinical Pilates

In contrast to traditional Pilates, this clinical variation is designed to offer more therapeutic effects for the muscles and soft tissue, through movements that stretch, strengthen and balance the body.

How It Works

Tell Us Your Story

The consultation begins with the client sharing their reasons for booking an appointment, how and when their symptoms developed, and their functional goals.

Our clients are encouraged to share in detail and bring along any imaging and doctor’s reports, as it is important that our physiotherapists hear all the relevant information.

Our clients are encouraged to share in detail and bring along any imaging and doctor’s reports, as it is important that our physiotherapists hear all the relevant information.

Physical examination

Our physiotherapists examine the client’s posture, range of movement, strength and flexibility, as well as test different muscles, ligaments and tendons. During this stage, any symptoms such as pain and swelling will also be taken note of.


After an in-depth conversation with the client and a thorough physical examination, our physiotherapists reach a diagnosis and explain it in a manner so that the client understands what needs to be done to improve their condition.

Care plan

Our physiotherapists then develop a care plan together with each client, combining different modes of targeted treatments best suited to their needs.

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