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About Humansa Membership

Humansa Membership is a wellness loyalty program that provides exclusive benefits. Discover a world of enticing advantages at Humansa Health across Hong Kong and Mainland China — indulge in premium services, gain entry to exclusive health and wellness services, enjoy year-round promotions, birthday surprises, unique privileges and much more. Embark on your journey of limitless health and lifestyle rewards. Join Humansa Programme now and gain immediate access to all the incredible offers!
$1 spent = 1 Humansa Point
Transform Your Spending into Rewards With every dollar you spend at Humansa Outlet and eShop*, you’re earning 1 Humansa Point, paving the way for exciting rewards and discounts on your future purchases. During promotional periods and special events, you have the opportunity to accelerate your Humansa Points accumulation.

* Humansa Health & Wellness Centres and eShop include

  • Humansa | Victoria Dockside
  • Humansa Physio & Fitness (Central)
  • Humansa Physio & Fitness (Victoria Dockside)
  • Humansa Dental
  • Humansa Eye
  • Humansa HD Endoscopy (Central)
  • Humansa HD Endoscopy (Kwai Fong)
  • Humansa HD Endoscopy (Kwun Tong)
  • Humansa HD Endoscopy (Yuen Tong)
  • Humansa Medical Imaging
  • Humansa | SAINT BELLA Postnatal Care Suite
  • Humansa eShop

How do I join the Humansa Membership Program?

Customers who have downloaded Humansa Mobile application and signed up for an account can earn points by spending.

  • Individuals aged 18 or older are eligible for Humansa Membership, while affiliates and other legal entities are not eligible. Admission to membership is solely at the discretion of Humansa.
  • Humansa memberships membership is non-transferable and intended only for the members. Any misuse of memberships, offers, fraudulent behavior, or failure to adhere to the terms and conditions may result in the suspension or termination of memberships, withdrawal of offers, and cancellation of points and rewards.
  • Humansa reserves the right to adjust the structure, offers, and other aspects, including terms and conditions, or to terminate Humansa Membership. While Humansa Membership will make efforts to notify members of changes, it is the responsibility of members to stay informed about the updated contents and terms and conditions. Members who continue to use the services under Humansa Membership are considered to have fully accepted the changes.
  • Humansa Membership and Humansa are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from changes made to the program or its terms and conditions.

How do I earn Humansa points?

  • You will receive 1 Humansa point for every HK$1 spending. Delivery costs are excluded from this calculation. Eligible points are calculated based on the actual amount displayed at checkout, after deducting any offers.
  • Points will be added to your account within 14 days of the delivery.

How do I upgrade my membership tier?

You are eligible to register / upgrade to below loyalty tiers with earning designated Humansa Points within 12-months:

  • “Gold” members – qualified upon 5,000 Humansa points;
  • “Pearl” members – qualified upon 35,000 Humansa points;
  • “Emerald” members – qualified upon 75,000 Humansa points;

How do I receive the welcome gifts

  • Newly joined “Silver”, “Gold”, “Peral” and “Emerald” members shall be entitled a one-off welcome gift.
  • Welcome gift is not available to renew members;
  • Welcome gifts are periodically updated and available in limited quantities, while supplies last.

How do I use/redeem Humansa points?

  • Once you have accumulated enough points, you can choose and redeem rewards at the Reward section.
  • Rewards consist of one-time use promo codes that can be used for discounts or gift redemption.
  • You can apply promo codes during checkout for your next online purchase at Humansa eShop or services at health & wellness centres.
  • Each order can only have one promo code applied to it.

Is there a valid period for the Humansa points?

  • Humansa Points remain valid for 365 days from the date of spending. Points earned must be accumulated and redeemed within this timeframe. Any unredeemed points after this period will expire and become unusable. In the event of discrepancies in point calculation and expiration, the information displayed in “Me” > “Point Balance” will take precedence.
  • Members are responsible for monitoring the expiration of their membership and points. All points will become invalid after the expiration date. In cases of disputes, the Humansa Membership’s own records of the member’s points balance will serve as the valid proof.

How do I check the balance of my Humansa points?

After logging into your account on the Humansa mobile app, you can view your accumulated points balance, learn about earning points, redeem rewards, access your reward redemption record, and manage promo codes.

Are Humansa points transferrable/exchangeable for cash?

Humansa points cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash and are non-transferable. Additionally, points cannot be shared or used jointly across multiple accounts belonging to the same member.

Is there a valid period for the Humansa Membership Program?

Your membership will remain valid throughout the Humansa Membership. Humansa reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the Humansa Membership without prior notice or explanation to its members. If the Humansa Membership is terminated, all rights and privileges held by its members will come to an end. Members are not permitted to file any claims or requests with Humansa regarding any nature or consequences that arise or may arise from the termination of the membership.

Are all spending made on Humansa eShop and health & wellness centres eligible of earning Humansa points?

Humansa points can be earned from the spending on Humansa eShop and health & wellness centres in Hong Kong.

Are all Humansa Rewards fixed?

  • Humansa rewards will be periodically updated and available in limited quantities, while supplies last.
  • Humansa will make efforts to deliver the redeemed gift within a reasonable timeframe, based on the nature of the gift. However, Humansa retains the right to ask the member to suggest alternative gift options if the redeemed gift is unavailable or undeliverable.

How can I check the redeemed promo codes?

To view your redeemed promo codes, simply navigate to the “My Wallet->My Rewards” on the Humansa mobile application.

How many Humansa rewards can I redeem each time?

You can redeem as many rewards as you want, as long as you have sufficient points.

Are Humansa promo codes transferrable?

You are recommended to use the promo codes yourself to avoid any misuse of the codes.

Are Humansa rewards returnable/refundable?

Once the reward is confirmed, it cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged for other rewards or products.





How to Join

>= 75,000 Humansa Points

>= 35000 Humansa Point

>= 5000 Humansa Points

Sign up for Free by register via Humansa Mobile App

Membership validity

12 months

12 months

12 months


Offers & privileges from Humansa Health & Wellness Centres

Welcome Privilege

  • A free bottle of supplement CoQ10 Plus with BioPerine (60 capsules)
  • Free Trial of Future Health Program
  • Include Pearl, Silver and Gold Welcome Coupons
  • A free box of supplement Triple Action Probiotics (30 capsules)
  • Future Health Program $3,000 Coupon
  • Health Monitoring Device
  • Include Silver and Gold Welcome Coupons
  • Future Health Program $1,500 Coupon
  • 30-mins joint-assessment
  • Include Silver tier welcome coupons
  • $250 Health Check Discount Coupon
  • $800 Endoscopy Coupon
  • $200 Dental Scaling Coupon
  • $100 Supplement Coupon
  • Free Body Composition
  • Free Drink (Tea or coffee)
  • 1,000 points (Outlet Referral Code)

Service Privilege

10% Discount on Service at Health & Wellness Centres (Exclude postnatal)

5% Discount on Service at Health & Wellness Centres (Exclude postnatal)