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Our Centre

  • Led by specialists in Ophthalmology, offering comprehensive eye care services, including comprehensive eye examination and management services as per their need including consultations, specialised ophthalmic investigations, eye-related health education, prescription of eyedrops and medications, spectacles and contact lens services, laser or surgical procedures for adults and children
  • Equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art technology and ophthalmic equipment, offering one-stop quality services to address different eye care needs, to every member of your family, from the very young to the most senior members
  • Operated and managed by an executive team with 20 years of professional eye care experience
  • Our tranquil, nature-inspired environment and finest customer service provide our patients and their family members a unique and welcoming experience - with high-quality premier eye care at a competitive price, while meeting customized needs of eye care

Program Features

  • To raise public eye care awareness via early detection, signature plans were developed to cater for comprehensive eye examination, and for diagnosis of common eye diseases such as Dry Eye Syndrome, Cataract, Glaucoma, Retina and Macula conditions
    • Comprehensive Eye Check-up Plan: a series of eye examinations suitable for annual or regular check-up
    • Children Eye Check-up Plan: screening for eye conditions commonly found in children such as refractive error, amblyopia and strabismus. To closely monitor for children’s eye growth and health, this plan is tailored made for children as a regular check-up for regular monitoring of their vision development
    • Dry Eye Diagnostic Plan: a series of assessment helps the diagnosis with the adoption state-of-the-art ophthalmic technologies for non-invasive examination to guide for personalised clinic-based or home-based treatment
    • Cataract Diagnostic Plan: Cataract appears as opacity behind the pupil and can only be diagnosed by ophthalmologist after a comprehensive examination of your eyes. It is important to examine all the other layers of your eyes, including the cornea and retina, to ensure that there is no other cause for the decreased vision. Both eyes are examined and this is achieved with the use of dilating drops that enlarge the pupil for several hours
    • Glaucoma Diagnostic Plan: standard ophthalmic investigations for glaucoma diagnosis and serial monitoring by optometrists and professional evaluation by ophthalmology specialists are included
    • Retinal Eye Conditions Diagnostic Plan: Comprehensive ophthalmic examination with detailed dilated fundal examination by ophthalmologist and also use the non-invasive Optical Coherence Tomography to generate cross-sectional images of the retina for the early detection of macular degeneration

Our Services 

Eye ConsultationEye Treatment & ProcedureEye SurgeryTechnology & Equipment
  • Childhood Eye Diseases
    • Myopia
    • Amblyopia
    • Squint
  • Dry Eye Syndrome
  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Corneal Disorders
    • Keratitis
    • Conjunctivitis (Red Eye)
  • Uveitis
  • Macular and Retinal Diseases
    • Diabetic Retinopathy
    • Floaters
  • Thyroid Eye Diseases
    • Orbital Tumor
    • Ptosis
    • Ectropion/ Entropion
  • Nasolacrimal Obstruction
  • Dry Eye Treatment (IPL Treatment)
  • Control of Myopic Progression in Childhood
  • Patching Therapy for Amblyopia
  • Botox Injection
  • Intravitreal Injection
    • Anti-VEGF
    • Ozudex
  • Laser Treatment on anterior & posterior segment
    • Glaucoma
    • Retinal Holes, Tears and/or degeneration
    • Diabetic Maculopathy and/or Retinopathy
  • Micro-surgical Cataract Surgery
  • Cornea and External Eye Surgery
  • Glaucoma Surgery
  • Vitro-retinal Surgery
  • Eyelid & Orbital Surgery
  • Paediatric Eye Surgery
  • Strabismus Surgery
  • Incision & Curettage for Chalazion
  • Devices for optometry & eye consultation
    • Advance Refraction system
    • Slit lamp with Image & Video system
    • Premiere Ophthalmic Chair
  • Equipment for diagnostics
    • Optical coherence tomography
    • Visual Field
    • Lenstar Myopia
    • Keratography
    • IOL Master
  • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)
  • Laser machines for eye disease treatment





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