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In the journey towards better health, proper nutrition is a must. The professional dietetic management services at Humansa | Victoria Dockside, offer a compelling approach to “integrated health”, working to help you balance your body's physiology with the help of experienced registered dietitians. Patients will begin with a detailed dietary consultation and assessment to develop tailored diets true to their unique nutritional needs.

A truly integrated offering, our professional dietetic management services combine a variety of methods, such as bespoke meal plans, personalised supplements and more, all as the key building blocks for optimal health. Our centre is equipped with a research-grade body composition analyser for measurements of body fat ratio and muscle mass, which assists our dietitians in accurately evaluating each patients’ individual needs.

Our Service Approach

Initial Consultation with Dietitian

One of the grounding principles of “holistic health” lies in mindful eating with balanced nutrition. The first step of our dietetic management services is a consultation to get to know the client's dietary habits. From this, our dietitian can craft integrated recommendations and services based on the client's unique health profile, in order to help them overcome and improve specific issues associated with diet and nutrition, as well as to educate them on proper diet, nutrition and health.

Nutritional Assessment and Diagnosis

A dietitian will analyse a client’s body composition, medical condition, dietary habits, and lifestyle patterns to gain comprehensive understanding of the client’s nutritional needs — whether they are nutritionally balanced to further absorb further beneficial nutrients required.

Nutritional Counselling

Our dietitians will inform you on proper nutrition and diet to achieve optimal nutrient intake. This is for clients who may be (but not limited to):

● Suffering from chronic diseases

● Are postnatal or breast feeding

● Finding the right way to achieve their ideal weight

Nutritional Monitoring

Extensive monitoring is carried out to support the success of the programme and to ensure each client's physical wellbeing, with relevant modifications to boost dietary performance and accelerate results.

Preventive Nutritional Counselling

By adopting a comprehensive approach to dietetic management, our dietitians also provide 'preventive nutritional counselling' to help patients reduce the risk of illnesses or complications. While some chronic diseases such as diabetes are incurable, a healthy diet will support the immune system in functioning at an optimum level.

Therapeutic Diet Recommendations

For clients who have chronic conditions or special dietary needs, personalised therapeutic meal plans can help achieve nutritional balance while treating their conditions — ranging from digestive problems including acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome, metabolic disorders such as gout and diabetes, vascular diseases such as hypertension and cholesterol, food allergies, and beyond.

Meal Planning

A healthy meal plan can still delight taste buds. Our menus are carefully crafted by chefs and include a selection of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian and Western dishes. Whether the goal is to lose fat or gain muscle, our gourmet recipes ranging from low-calorie to high-protein and beyond are sure to keep you on track for your health goals, while making sure all your nutritional needs are met.

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