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Humansa | Victoria Dockside Marks Successful First Year of Empowering Individuals to Achieve Optimal Health

Addressing the health and wellness needs of over 80,000 individuals with comprehensive services throughout Humansa’s expanding network of close to 40 centers across the Greater Bay Area

HONG KONG, 29 November 2023  — Humansa, the life-long health and wellness partner, today celebrates the first anniversary milestone of its flagship center –  Humansa | Victoria Dockside. This marks a year of Humansa reimagining health care for customers, fostering preventive healthcare, and empowering individuals to pursue optimal health with vitality, balance and resilience.

Humansa | Victoria Dockside is an icon of Humansa’s vision in reimagining health for customers. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an award-winning approach to physical spatial design to provide one-stop health and wellness solutions, including health care services, fitness and physiotherapy, dietitian, and elevated dermatology and skin treatments, mental and physical wellness. It attests to Humansa’s signature approach to the world of health and wellness encompassing innovative professionals, advanced technology and multi-disciplinary expertise in ultimate comfort.

Humansa’s network of Health and Wellness Centers throughout the Greater Bay Area, including the flagship center in Victoria Dockside, have advised over 80,000 individuals to date. Throughout the past year, Humansa expanded to around 40 outlets, including a new Hong Kong eye center with a fully functional operations theatre, a skin outlet, post-natal care services within the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, and an endoscopy center in Guangzhou, among othe

Customers consume Humansa’s products and services more than six times annually on average as they seek to attain optimal health, driving demand for Humansa’s 15 holistic services. Among these are year-round programs that cover a wide spectrum, including women’s health, kids’ development, and weight management. In addition, Humansa offers personalized features such as a Health Collaborator, Wellness Coaching and digital features including daily reminders, e-shopping and appointment bookings.

Humansa’s extensive range of one-stop health and wellness services has also established the brand as an optimal solution for corporates, becoming a trusted partner of more than 50 triple A multinational corporations and Fortune 100 companies. In addition, the company is collaborating with leading insurer AIA exclusively to strengthen its capabilities in addressing the health and wellness needs of its high-net-worth customers. The partnership marks the first one-stop integrated wellness space blending the concepts of Chinese and Western health within the industry. The resulting synergy has created diverse wellness services designed to nurture the mental, physical and nutritional needs of customers.

Looking back at 2023, Mr. Don So, Chief Executive Officer of Humansa, said, “Humansa strives to reimagine optimal health for customers by harnessing our extensive network across major cities in the Greater Bay Area backed by a skilled team of multi-disciplinary specialists. This year saw us reach several significant milestones highlighted by Humansa | Victoria Dockside’s first year anniversary. Drawing from these positive developments, we are even more excited about our plans for the future as we broaden our offerings further to help both individual and corporate customers achieve their wellness goals at every stage in life.”
“Elevating our commitment to comprehensive health and wellness services, we are placing a greater focus on tailoring our offerings to meet the distinct needs of women, children, sport enthusiasts, and corporate clients seeking managed health and wellness services, addressing their unique health concerns and fostering holistic well-being. Moving forward, we will continue to guide customers and their families throughout their health and well-being journey spanning prevention, treatment, recovery and optimization on their path towards a better version of themselves,” added Mr So.

Looking to 2024, Humansa targets to boost health literacy throughout the community. Not only is Humansa continuously advocating the importance of modern self-care in different symposiums (such as children’s developmental and health symposiums) featuring Humansa’s multidisciplinary specialists, but also recently introduced an International Advisory Board to provoke thought leadership, with aims to develop innovative thinking and insight in human longevity.

This month, as part of Humansa’s initiative in engaging the community, it offers exclusive privileges for customers. Concurrently, the Humansa GripFit Hong Kong Challenge was launched at prime locations across Hong Kong. Grip strength is recognized as a key indicator of various health aspects, and data from the community has enhanced Humansa’s understanding of the health status of Hongkongers. This knowledge will be instrumental for the brand to tailor their health and wellness solutions for customers.