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About Humansa

Redefining Health and Wellness.

About Humansa}

Humansa reimagines traditional healthcare by placing people at the very centre. Our services combine state-of-the-art technologies with a human touch — helping clients live well through a more collaborative, more personalised care model.

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Humansa is a healthcare organisation under New World Group that is building a ground-breaking health and wellness ecosystem across the Greater Bay Area. We continually partner with leading players to strengthen and anchor our integrated healthcare offerings through multiple disciplines. With a team of internationally recognised practitioners and dedicated collaborators, Humansa is committed to offering preventative health and wellness solutions to help you become the best version of yourself.

Seamless Collaboration
Not going it alone.

Health and wellness is a lifelong journey. Humansa is here to get to know you – your likes, dislikes, needs and aspirations – and to become the care team that supports you every step of the way. Together, our experienced specialty practitioners and collaborators layer and dovetail services to create integrated plans that work for you. Over time and at your pace, we help you build the habits and make the changes that empower you to become the best version of yourself.

Integrated Advice
Not fractured information.

We gather medical experts and world-class partners under one roof at Humansa. Our multi-disciplinary, evidence-backed approach gives you the definitive picture of your health today and a headstart on tomorrow.

Not confusion.

Our centres are equipped with the latest technology, enabling consultation and care at unprecedented depth and precision. We take complex data and readings and distill these into clear, actionable steps that are unique to you.