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Hong Kong's No.1 Tennis Player, Coleman Wong, Joins Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy and Humansa as Tennis Development Ambassador, Promoting Sports Development in Hong Kong

(5th January 2024 – Hong Kong) To promote local tennis development and cultivate future athletes, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA), which also includes Town Club, a subsidiary of New World Development Company Limited, following the establishment of the “Building a Champion Scholarship 2022” program earlier this year, is pleased to announce the collaboration with Humansa, a high quality health and wellness organization under the New World Group. We have successfully invited Coleman Wong, the top-ranked local rising star in men’s tennis singles in Hong Kong, to join HKGTA and Humansa as the Tennis Development Ambassador.

Currently undergoing training at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca, Spain, Coleman Wong will be joining HKGTA, which proudly stands as Asia’s first Rafa Nadal Tennis Center. In the coming days, Coleman Wong will participate in a series of activities with his fellow junior players who are currently training at HKGTA, contributing to the development of tennis in Hong Kong, while nurturing the next generation of tennis players. Humansa will optimize Coleman’s wellbeing and body condition through best-in-class medical and fitness programs with professional, multi-disciplinary practitioners, assisting him to achieve the next level of success for Hong Kong.

Coleman Wong(middle) received a giant tennis ball from HKGTA’s Director of Sports Development and Education, Ms Karen Yeung (Left), and Humansa’s Head of Digital Health and Partnership, Mr Vincent Wong ( right).

Three forces jointly propel HKGTA to become a top-tier tennis training base

The signing ceremony successfully concluded on January 5th at the RICHARD MILLE Indoor Tennis Court at HKGTA, where Coleman Wong received a giant tennis ball from HKGTA’s Director of Sports Development and Education, Ms Karen Yeung, and Humansa’s Head of Digital Health and Partnership, Mr Vincent Wong, marking the collaboration of the three forces in driving local tennis development. Former Hong Kong’s top-ranked women’s singles player Zhang Ling, also attended the ceremony. She currently holds the position of Senior Tennis Consultant at HKGTA.

Ms Yeung welcomed Coleman Wong’s appointment as the Tennis Development Ambassador. “With HKGTA’s unique Rafa Nadal Academy training methodology, Humansa’s comprehensive support in sports science, combined with Coleman Wong’s talent, skills, and experience, the collaboration of these three forces will propel HKGTA to become a top-tier tennis training base in Hong Kong. Today, HKGTA consists of Coleman Wong, Ling Zhang, representing two generations of Hong Kong tennis figures, along with a group of talented and determined children. With three generations coming together, we have great confidence that we will contribute to the Hong Kong tennis scene.” she said.
“With the guidance of our elder brother Coleman, the young elite tennis players at HKGTA, who have already shown outstanding performances in local youth tournaments over the past year, will be able to reach even greater heights in the coming year.”

Coleman Wong and Ling Zhang guide junior players through matches to groom future stars

Coleman Wong guides junior players through matches to groom future stars

After the signing ceremony, Coleman Wong immediately engaged in friendly matches with four young junior players, including Vienna Lai Ching-laam, who currently ranked first in the Hong Kong U18 Girls’ Single category, and Walter Tam Sin-hang, who ranked third in U16 Boys’ Singles. Both were recipients of the full tennis scholarships from the “Building A Champion Scholarship 2022,” jointly organized by HKGTA and the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center.

Coleman Wong engaged in friendly matches with four young junior players

Wong expressed his gratitude to the New World Development Company Limited’s support in tennis development in Hong Kong. As an ambassador, he will participate in various activities to assist his fellow junior players at HKGTA in improving their skills. “They remind me of my childhood. They have a solid foundation. I hope that through training and exchanges with them in the coming year, I could share more of my practical experience on the international stage, so that they could strengthen their mental resilience in competitions and better prepare themselves for future ATP and WTA events. With hard work, they have the potential to become Hong Kong’s tennis stars of the future,” Wong said.

Mr. Vincent Wong, Head of Digital Health and Partnerships at Humansa, said it was a great pleasure to collaborate with Wong, a top athlete and the No. 1 Mens’ Singles player in Hong Kong. “We are delighted to become Coleman’s close partner on his athletic journey. Humansa will provide him with comprehensive integrated health and wellness support in sports science, physical fitness, and professional athlete physical therapy services around the clock. We will also provide top-notch health check-ups for Coleman to ensure he maintains the best condition to compete on the tennis court,” he said

Zhang Ling also shared her post-retirement plans with the media: “In the past year, besides coaching the Hong Kong youth representatives in international tournaments, I have also joined HKGTA as a Senior Tennis Consultant. Becoming a professional player step is not easy, I hope to share my experience and provide advice to the children and parents of HKGTA, walking alongside them through the journey.”

Coleman Wong
Born on June 6, 2004, Coleman Wong started playing tennis at the age of five. The 19- year-old has become the first-ever Hong Kong men’s singles champion in the youth category of professional tennis. In the 2021 US Open, he partnered with French player Max Westphal to win the boys’ doubles championship in the youth category. In the following year, he teamed up with American player Ban Hiron to once again clinch the boys’ doubles title in the youth category at the Australian Open, making him the first Hong Kong player to achieve two Grand Slam titles in the youth category.

Vienna Lai Ching-laam
Born in 2007, Vienna Lai Ching-laam is currently ranked as the number one U18 girls’ singles player in Hong Kong. She played tennis for 13 years, and participated in the International Tennis Federation (ITF) tournament held in Thailand in July 2023. She showcased exceptional skills and won the championship in women’s doubles and entered the quarterfinals in women’s singles. She was awarded a full scholarship from the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA) and the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center, the first of its kind in Asia, through the “Building A Champion Scholarship 2022” program, where she undergoes systematic professional training.

Walter Tam Sin-hang
Born in 2008, Walter Tam Sin-hang is currently ranked third in the U16 boys’ singles category in Hong Kong. He aspires to become a professional tennis player and aims to compete on the world stage by joining the Grand Slam tournaments as a Hong Kong player. He was awarded a full scholarship from the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA) and the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center, the first of its kind in Asia, through the “Building A Champion Scholarship 2022” program.

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