Noah Healthcare

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Noah Healthcare Group is a renowned brand of high-end medical clinics in mainland China that focus on the health of women and children. We are dedicated to creating a one-stop medical and health service centre for all patients, and to provide expert medical services for families seeking to improve their quality of life.

With operations centred in the Greater Bay Area, there are currently 15 gynecological and pediatric clinics, which also offer services under obstetrics and dentistry. In addition, other healthcare specialisations such as dermatology, nutrition, psychiatry, among others, are gradually being added to Noah Healthcare's repertoire.

Visiting Noah Healthcare means you have access to over 300 well-known doctors, including directors and experts from leading hospitals. We are also closely affiliated with the country's top six health institutions and we have entered green-channel referral collaboration agreements with a number of top-ranking hospitals. Noah Healthcare was recently named "Favorite Brand of Consumer Products" and "Top 100 Future Medical Services-Top 100 Medical Services in China" for four years in a row.