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Humansa offers a range of health examinations and assessments that suit the needs of different individuals. Offered with comfort and discretion at our multidisciplinary heath centre, each session feels more like a retreat to understand more about your wellbeing. Take the next steps towards achieving your optimum health and wellbeing with Humansa today.

“ESSENTIAL” screens the most common health conditions that affect different organs systems (heart, lung, kidneys, liver, thyroid, guts, eyes). Common chronic conditions which benefit from early diagnosis or treatment e.g. diabetes, high cholesterol or lipid are actively looked for. 

Builds upon “ESSENTIAL”, “PANORAMA” screens for common age-related conditions e.g. osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease. Includes tumour markers (AFP, EBA & CEA). 

“HAUTE” is our most comprehensive health screening package that builds upon “PANORAMA”, giving you the greatest peace of mind. It includes the most comprehensive tumour markers, hepatitis, joint health, thyroid, and micronutrient screening. 

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