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BLOOM Health Check Program (aged 6 - 17)

Children are generally healthy and full of energy, but they still have their own unique medical issues that may be significant despite an absence of noticeable symptoms. Regular growth and developmental assessments are crucial to ensure that every child is growing up healthily.

Is children health assessment necessary?

Regular children’s health assessments are important for parents to assess their child’s growth, health conditions, and mental health development. Any abnormalities can be spotted and addressed with timely medical advice, ensuring that children grow up healthy.

What is the advantage of children health assessment?

Timely diagnosis of abnormal health conditions

Children may not be able to express their discomfort on time and accurately. Regular children health assessments can detect health abnormalities with absence of noticeable symptoms, providing timely diagnosis and treatment.

Mind & body development and monitoring

Improper posture and habits during the growth stage of children can lead to negative effects on body development and even cause health issues in the future, such as bone problems and obesity. Regular assessments help in monitoring and correcting improper posture and habits.

Humansa provides personalized children health assessment

BLOOM specifically meets the needs of your growing child. Led by our specialist pediatrician, our multidisciplinary team provides parents with the knowledge their child is in good health, and the peace of mind that brings.

Plan name

Children Health Assessment – BLOOM


  • Growth Assessment

Estimation of maximum predicted height potential, nutritional and dietary assessment. A comprehensive review of your child’s growth progress.

  • Eye Examination

Examining your child’s eye condition and vision, such as color sensitivity, eye pressure, etc.

  • Echocardiogram

Painless imaging showing the structure and function of the heart.

  • Dental Assessment

Understanding dental development through dental X-ray, together with cleaning and polishing, ensuring teeth and oral health.

  • Bone Assessment

Detecting abnormal sideways curvature of the spine and bone development through X-ray.

FAQs of Children Health Assessment

A fat child equals a healthy child with adequate nutritions, thus children health assessment is not necessary.

A fat child is not equal to a healthy child, instead the obesity or overweight should be addressed for children, develop a healthy weight management and eating habits. 

Are health assessment items the same for children and adults?

Apart from disease diagnosis, children health assessment can also assess the growth and body development of a child, ensuring their overall health. 

The above information is for reference only and shall not be considered as medical advice. Please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider for further enquiries.