New World Group’s Humansa Announces Anchor Partnership with Key Medical Institutions in the Greater Bay Area to Reinvent Personalised and Holistic Consumer Healthcare Services

30 November 2021, Hong Kong – New World Group’s Humansa announced that it has signed partnership agreements with Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and Distinct HealthCare to further expand its business network across the Greater Bay Area. Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and Distinct HealthCare will become the anchor partners of Humansa’s first-in-market integrated professional healthcare and wellness services in Greater Bay Area, respectively.

Speaking of Humansa’s future business direction, Mr Don So, Chief Executive Officer of Humansa said: “Humansa believes that the current healthcare market is prime for reinvention. Our consumers’ expectations on healthcare are beyond just being healthy, they expect innovation and personalisation in healthcare to stay at their tip-top condition so they can achieve their personal goals. With Humansa’s first-in-market consumer healthcare service ecosystem, our brand plans to actively cooperate with industry leaders and strong partners. Having Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and Distinct HealthCare as anchor partners give us a strong start. In the coming five years, Humansa aims to deliver a new era of integrated healthcare and wellness experiences through our extensive network in the Greater Bay Area. We look forward to serving the public and bringing high quality services to the market.”

The partnership between Humansa and Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong will redefine the concept of health and wellness in Hong Kong. Dr Kenneth Tsang, Chief Executive Officer of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, commented, “This opportune collaboration with Humansa is in line with our plans to make our quality healthcare services more accessible to people who are looking for personalised and holistic healthcare experiences. Some of the initial projects include initiatives related to preventive healthcare, health management and early diagnostics services supported by a team of health professionals. We believe that the partnership will foster the development of more services to meet the changing and growing needs for quality healthcare in Hong Kong.”

Premium healthcare services across Hong Kong and the Mainland will be a significant business opportunity with the development of GBA. Humansa is set to leverage upon our unique ecosystem in Hong Kong to provide holistic healthcare services, and believes that Hong Kong will become a medical tourism destination of choice upon the reopening of the Hong Kong-mainland border. Mr Philip Wang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Distinct HealthCare, added: “We foresee a growing trend of enterprises investing in the healthcare and wellness sector. Distinct Healthcare is pleased to be Humansa’s anchor partner in the Greater Bay Area. With the focus on premium healthcare services, we hope to work closely with Humansa to offer more diverse and innovative services regionally.” Humansa looks forward to working together with and delivering these projects with Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and Distinct HealthCare in 2022 and beyond.